Asian Men’s Hair: 5 Cool Styles That Attract Women

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Recent Tips Growing up, I had a hard time finding a cool hairstyle that worked for me. Quite frankly, I was pretty ashamed of my uncool hairstyle going straight into college because it was never as sexy, cool, or attractive as my peers in school, much less the movie stars I saw on the big screen. I think a lot of Asian guys can relate to the cost savings measure that many an Asian parent put us through, namely the much dreaded Chilli Bowl Haircut. It’s literally what it sounds like, you simply put a bowl over your head and cut around in one big circle. Alas, this avant garde unattractive hairstyle afforded me nary a glance from the young women of my high school. Pscyhologically scarred? Perhaps. Coiffure clueless? You betcha. As an Asian dating coach, one of the easy things I can have a client do to instantly get him better success with women- or at least his foot in the door- is to spice up him up with a cool hairstyle in order to show off his virility as a man and sexual partner. Now, be aware that like fashion itself, cool hairstyles for Asian men do change year by year, but I want to at least give you the big picture of how to have attractive men’s hair. From there, you can find more specific types of cool hairstyles and flavors of the month. At a minimum, always be prepared to spend at least $40 on good hair and $10 on hair product (like Difi, Sculpte, or Fructis Garnier). Here are my Top 5 Asian Hairstyle Tips That Attract Women: 1) Faux Hawk (or it’s

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15 Responses to “Asian Men’s Hair: 5 Cool Styles That Attract Women”

  1. troujourspur Says:

    Fuck you! Can’t you just drop fucking dead? I fucking hate you so much you can eat my shit! I can’t stomach your utter ignorance. Beiber hair is not the same as Asian hair fuck you

  2. ZeroAssault Says:

    yo dude, every whos not asian hates your channel. :/ Its kinda racist. No offense

  3. ryueclipse22 Says:

    @meis its for asians dude..afros are found in the us or jamaica or africa or wherever all the curlies live.

  4. ssj4152 Says:

    #2 is the best

  5. meis Says:

    where is afro??? this is so hair-cism

  6. 2kiSeri7 Says:

    is this a joke? i mean americans have terrible hairstyles, theres only 2; crew cut, grown out crew cut. (curly/straight versions). i think they asians you’re thinking off are too banana to be called asians.

  7. MusicChick528 Says:

    I love 1, 2, 3, and 5. lol I’m a girl and even I’ve done the Faux Hawk a few times lol. I also adore the long hair like Rain had, and the Fedora, but I think edgier Justin Beiber is my favorite, but then again it depends on the guy, some guys look good in one hairstyle while another guys won’t

  8. repyourcolorstv Says:

    This is Hot! A blonde afro and the name is MR. Club Banga!

  9. ssj4152 Says:

    i thnk mine is #2 or #5, or somewhere in between.
    now think about it, the fobs are doing much better than the abcs, because the fobs have their own things, where as the abcs usually try to be white/black and so they lost their own identity

  10. AsianManWhiteWoman Says:

    @TheXtro101 If you can make it work, it’s all good. If not why not consider a change? If you don’t like it, it’ll always grow back!

  11. TheXtro101 Says:

    Mine is still “old school nineties” from tv show,”Beverly Hills 90210″w/sideburns(like that character,”Brandon Walsh”).Popular hair style back then and still is with some of the guys 33 yo & up.

  12. anythingnew Says:

    I want the Chun Li but without the buns.

  13. NederRappers Says:

    Mullet, fuck yes.

  14. xxxXGuNzXxxx Says:

    Faux Hawks are so cool :3

  15. jisandongcat Says:

    Want such a cool hair ???
    you have to search Korean idol singers !!! on google or !
    there are various,colorful,fabulous hair styles !!

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