Are men more attracted to women with nasty attitudes?

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I’m a very pleasant woman and old fashioned woman. When I say old fashioned I mean, I want men to lead and someday I’d like to devote myself as a stay at home mom but men don’t seen to like pleasant, old school women. They seem to want the ones with bad attitudes who are wild and so forth. Maybe this debunks the idea that men want submissive women. I find that women I’m submissive men aren’t into that but when I’m a dominating bi t ch , I get results. What’s up with this? Men please help!

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17 Responses to “Are men more attracted to women with nasty attitudes?”

  1. Lola Baez. Says:

    yes .

    we love witches.!


  2. StereotypeMeBecauseYouKnow Says:


  3. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovo Says:

    It depends on what the man needs. If a man is needing to get married then you seem like a good candidate. However if a man wants to live a wild life at his early age he will go for the outgoing or wild partner.

    But, to answer your question, no. Men are not more attracted to women with a nasty attitude.

  4. Alexis Says:

    some guys love girls that are wild i find that is more of the population now. But you will find your special man if it is ment to be

  5. J.O-Blaze Says:

    The prize needs be worth the fight!!!!

  6. ajdin_bilajac Says:

    depends on the guy you need to get out more

  7. Kiera P Says:

    Uhh men usually want to be needed I suppose but they probably dont want to be nagged about needing to do everything all the time. Pull your head outta the old days and listen to the grape vine hun. Times have changed. 😉

  8. reneejax Says:

    I’ve often heard that there are 2 types of women,
    the kind you marry and the kind you play with.
    Sorry to say you might not have many dates until the men you are looking at are ready to marry.

    In the mean time stop looking for them, it make make you seem needy, you and Mr. Right will find each other when the time is right.

  9. nite_angelica Says:

    It’s a fine line to ride. If you act submissive, they walk all over you. If you act too dominant, it hurts their ego. I have found that it’s important to give a man just enough of a hard time to keep him on his toes.

    Guys that I’ve been with did not appreciate me when I was really sweet to them. When I treated them like crap about 1/2 the time, I couldn’t get rid of them.

    So….. the old saying is true. Men ARE idiots.

  10. shmogt Says:

    if u cant take care of ur self, how can u take care of us. i like independent girls that dont want me for money because they could easily support themselves

  11. OE Says:

    Lots of room for argument here. Much depends upon the personalities involved. Without getting into too much psychology, some men like domineering women, some like dominated women and some like women who think and act for themselves. None of the above imply a “nasty” attitude. That isn’t even clearly defined. Do you really mean that she wants to do the “nasty”? Speaks “nasty”? Doesn’t agree with the guy “nasty”? “Nasty” is a subjective word. What do you mean by “when I’m a dominating bitch?” I suggest to you that you worry too much about the current cliche and not enough about just being you. Be honest!

  12. Hudson Says:

    No no dont go to the dark side!

    Its not about the girl being a b*tch, its that conversation can be more exciting when she gives you a little lip over your viewpoints and opinions. (too much can be a very bad thing) its a great way to flirt and it sometimes leeds to play-fighing and more 😉 its not the actual being a b*tch part that we like.
    You can still do that and pick your moments to show that you can still be the sweet person that you are. you’ll have the two sides of a perfect coin.
    keep being the way you are but give yourself a bit of that edge. we wont be able to resist!

  13. Mike T Says:

    Stop looking for BOYS and start looking for MEN.

    BOYS date bitches. MEN date women… women like YOU.
    BOYS like being bossed around by women. MEN like to lead and take care of women.
    BOYS date feminists. MEN use feminists for sex.

    You get the idea.

  14. Dark Matter Says:

    Submissive women are trouble and more work for me.

  15. Voice of Reality Says:

    I definitely prefer a calm, down to earth woman. Nasty attitudes are what cause me to *uck ’em and chuck ’em assuming they look good enough to. There’s no way I’d want keep someone around who just annoys me at every turn.

    But looks and a good attitude, that’s a keeper.

  16. RoVale Says:

    I think some men are attracted to these women just like some women like “bad boys” but for the most part, these women are avoided. Why bother with someone you can’t change when you can find someone else with a much better attitude?

    I’m going to use the example of model Naomi Campbell. She’s considered a great beauty and has a lot of money. However, she can’t maintain any relationships for long and has never been married. Why is that? It’s likely because the men she dates get to see just how ugly she is on the inside once they get to know her better and drop her. If she weren’t a famous model, probably nobody would even bother with her.

  17. Rio Madeira Says:

    I think most men prefer a woman who can challenge them. If she doesn’t, it becomes too easy (read: dull) for them. That isn’t to say that you should be a total b__ch. But you should be assertive.

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