Are men more attracted to women who are menstruating?

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I have noticed that alot more men approach me when I am on my period. Why?

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11 Responses to “Are men more attracted to women who are menstruating?”

  1. acuragrl2002 Says:

    I think it might have something to do with pheromones

  2. J'adore Juicy Says:

    gross. i hope not.
    i dont feel sexy when im on my rag

  3. FRO Says:

    Yea we dont know if you are or not. Mustve been your attitude at the time since your hormones might cause you to be more forward or more assertive when your “on”

  4. GoneAway Says:


  5. J. Says:

    The opposite was held to be true more usually (pheremones, etc), but then they noticed that women actually walk sexier (swaying hips) when on their period than when they are not (body language experiment)

    This has bemused evolutionary psychologists. This is amusing to watch.

  6. Kat V Says:

    It does have something to do with pheromones (They are strong enough to change another woman’s cycle- it isn’t a stretch for them to attract men) I think it is also our attitude. And don’t forget, there is no way for them to actually know…

  7. Bobchang Says:

    Actuall yes they are.

    They did a study on this a few years ago. They took lap dancers in different strip bars nation wide and studied on how much tips they will get if they were on there period.

    When the Dancers were on there period they got more tips and when they were not on there period they got less tips. This happened with every single Lap Dancer. So Pharomones and Chemicals in the Period or what ever do attract men in some way.

  8. ♥ Mudkip ♥ - AM Says:

    This is a misconception based on the idea some people once had that a woman’s period is the human equivalent of being “in heat.”* The truth is, men are more drawn to women who are ovulating**, which shows almost no outward signs.

  9. Thunder Storm Says:

    Perhaps, because we know you are mature. Believe me, men like women that are mature and grown up. It’s like how women like men that are mature.

  10. Slick98 Says:

    I hope not.

  11. Mady M Says:

    yeah i think they are. cause i just noticed the same thing today. and i was looking it up online and i found your question lol

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