Approaching Women: How To Meet Women At Farmers Markets (LIVE In-Field Approach!)

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Recent Tips Approaching Women How To Meet Women At Farmers Markets (LIVE In-Field Approach!) Every Saturday and Sunday morning all over the world, women head to local farmers markets. It is so simple and easy to meet women there! In this LIVE In-field approach video, I show you how. Also, for more FREE tips and advice every day, go to

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25 Responses to “Approaching Women: How To Meet Women At Farmers Markets (LIVE In-Field Approach!)”

  1. jetspray3 Says:

    yeah man thumbs up you have already captivate her attention in the twink of an eye…

  2. serenasmith771 Says:

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  3. mikelorenz121 Says:

    Too late sweetheart, it’s on Youtube 🙂

  4. Bengalltigerr Says:

    stfu you anal pirate

  5. TheLegendaryNova Says:

    “Dont put that on Youtube or anything” bahahahaaa

  6. dogooda12 Says:

    Tauranga born and bred cuz. But I live in Aussie. Maori girls are pretty easy goin’. some of them.haha

  7. jake0the0muss Says:

    you from nz? ive trried since, i reackon there easier cause there more down to earth naa meann

  8. dogooda12 Says:

    Well for starters referring to them, as “bitches” is not a good start and another thing is Maori girls are still girls bro. so it will work if she’s got her head screwed on.

  9. MrJosh112358 Says:

    i was snowboarding with my friend a couple years ago, and he taught me that when I felt intimidated by riding to just point my board and go. To take that idea to the street, David did just that. It was literally like “check this girl out looking at the brownies, I’ll go talk to her” *walks over*”hey!” DONE.

  10. jake0the0muss Says:

    welle see if anyof this works on NZ maori bitches! HHAHAAH

  11. NesBlu Says:

    that woman was like an HB 5

  12. videospaz10 Says:

    Hahaha ya he wants to bone david

  13. INT3RNAUT Says:

    Wouldn’t you come off as a tightwad, for standing in front of a Brownie tree going… “MMM I AM DEBATING WHETHER TO BUY ONE”?–if I was a woman I would be like, fuck dude, pay the 2 bucks or not you cheapskate.

  14. Enigma1UK Says:

    This guy’s an amateur!

  15. Cagedand3nRaged Says:

    FUUUCKING QUEEEERS lol jk. <3 I'm bored.

  16. soondooboo1 Says:

    wait are you gay?!

  17. XXtoxicwastevidsXX Says:

    Hey dont worry, it aint going on youtube. lmao


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  19. BestSeductionSecrets Says:

    You should realize before you approach women that most attractive women are BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS by most men approaching them in a lame way.
    I just made a quick vid on how not to be one of those bored men. Check out my channel.

  20. nazdun Says:

    Simple solution for that pesky red light? Take a Sharpie to it.

  21. sarahiashl Says:

    Real online BBw women for you

  22. ingnir Says:

    IT gets you warmed up! hahhahahahhha

  23. lesslove12 Says:

    watching david make me feel uncomfortable hes so confident

  24. TBRAMPAGE Says:

    What a doushe

  25. tracefeng Says:

    he small talked… inspiring…

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