Approach A Girl At A Street Fair: LIVE In-Field Video Shows You How

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Recent Tips Approach A Girl At A Street Fair LIVE In-Field Video Shows You How. Do you want to know how to approach a girl when you’re out and about like at a street fair? There is a secret to how to approach a girl in this situation. Watch this LIVE in-field video and see what it is… For more LIVE In-field videos showing how to approach a girl in any situation, visit

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20 Responses to “Approach A Girl At A Street Fair: LIVE In-Field Video Shows You How”

  1. sbonge Says:

    did the girls hear u talking about this? cuz u wer a little loud lol.

  2. youlosez Says:

    That guy did well.

  3. boggy32 Says:

    WOW, damn shes so hot, i wonder if her videos are on Tinyurl[DOT]com/msgycw

  4. mileek1 Says:

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  5. KingOfClay Says:

    Awesome commentary! Really good stuff there. Thanks a bunch.

  6. frankkalani Says:

    haha. so it really took me time to finally follow her. dont stalk a bitch from your neighborhood in order to get pussy. retarded fuck.

  7. angelom32 Says:

    Hey David great commentary. I just heard your episode you had on the pickup podcast yesterday and thought it was amazing. Thank you for giving away this knowledge and being a good pick up role model.

  8. libetta Says:

    i did it again this afternoon. was very doubtful because she was with a guy whom i thought was her father, but both were wearing house clothes. thought he was just a gay friend, so it really took me time to finally follow her and talk to her. until it happened, she walked upfront fast, that’s when i know or “assumed” she didn’t like it. it was just in our neighborhood.

  9. DavidWygant Says:

    I lived up there from 03 to 05 and did a bootcamp up there last summer.

    love the freemont market

  10. gritteca Says:

    Hey, I live in fremont and go to the market every sunday, is David from Seattle?

  11. FrankLOPs Says:

    Nice commentary David! I’ve done some situational practice like this and things are coming along. It’s usually still a kind of fleeting interaction with both women and men (extending networks in general) but I see progress! Much thanks. I’m excited to go out to keep building this.

  12. DavidWygant Says:


    I am showing it to you. You need to get out of the house and try this. Its all bla bla for you because you are not even trying this.

    Get out from behind the computer and into the field.
    When you do then email me your stumbling blocks.

  13. coolm0di Says:


  14. AbstractMan23 Says:

    “women are equally as nervous as you are”
    amen. that is so true.

    keep ’em coming DW…!

  15. fustino5 Says:

    dude she is playing hard to get 😉 :D:D

  16. madmikeF Says:

    Big momma is in the house. She´s probably thinking – What are you doing with those skinny girls? I can give you shade in the summer and heat in the winter.

  17. tarzie84 Says:


  18. sayfaylo Says:

    Nice! But what about the lady at 1:58 to the right!?

  19. bdevil4lif Says:

    The John Madden of pickup…great analysis…

  20. amersurfcrwn Says:

    That last part was great

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