Any tips on picking up girls at the mall?

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Anybody have any tips on picking up chicks at the mall?
Im 14. Please dont tell me im to young to “pick up chicks.”
i really dont care
like…making etc

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19 Responses to “Any tips on picking up girls at the mall?”

  1. Vaya Says:

    Don’t call ’em chicks.

  2. itsmeagain Says:

    You crack me up.

    Yeah, get a job at the mall… that’s your best bet.

  3. PSU840 Says:

    walk around naked

  4. angel baby Says:

    say hi and talk to them

  5. wwe diva Says:

    are you hot

  6. ms_sexy_thang05 Says:

    Get a car first then you should not have a problem picking chicks up at the mall

  7. crazygirl! Says:

    If you find them in a store, comment on what their buying like “oh that’ll look good on you” or if your at the food court comment on their food like “that looks good!” etc.

  8. Kristina Says:

    Yea, don’t do it.

  9. civil_av8r Says:

    just run up to one and say “hi, my name is _____. what’s yours?” then follow them around for about 30 mins. get a phone number. wait 2 days. call them up and become friends. turn it into a relationship. meet them back at the mall. proceed to a dressing room and make out.

  10. The_White_Larry_Bird!!!!!! Says:

    Find the fat chicks….they are the easiest to pick up!!! Not physically pick up!!

  11. lovemuffin Says:

    You are to young. You need to be worrying about school and not some fast lil girls.

  12. GA Says:

    your too young to pick up chicks your 14 please dont tell me what to do

  13. Minnie Says:

    look at them, try to make eye contact..if there in a store go over and start talk about something there,…for example if you in a movie store pick of a movie that youi know and ask her if she has seen it,then start talkong ask for her number…dont worry lots of girl like guys who are not nervous so dont be, then talk to her, the day u get it, or the next..then keeptalking to her and ask her on a date, somewhere quite and te rest is up to u….dont tell u love her,and make a kiss might be good but only if the date went good, if you pick up a trashy girl she will prolley come on to you

  14. TE Says:

    Go up to a cute girl outside a very nice store with a piece of expensive clothing/accessory/jewelery on display in the window that she is looking at. Whip out your credit card ,oops, probably too young for that… Whip out your big wad of cash and say “That is really nice. It would look great on you!” After she gets it, ask her to join you for a beer, oops, probably too young for that. Ask her to join you for a milkshake, and chat her up.

  15. notifiable scotopia Says:

    eye contact is the word..
    then go ‘n talk to them..but don’t be silly..
    show how confident u r..


  16. maria t Says:

    your not to young dont act stupid pick one walk with her or if shes with a cute freind walk by with the one u picked or if u like both stand inbetteween them after a little bit put ur arm around themask what there doing if the roll there eyes say u gotta go pick some one else if they dont roll there eyes if u have a movie thetere ask if the wanna see a movie if u dont then ask them if they wanna get a bite to eat

  17. miomaz Says:

    If you are ugly, forget it.
    If you don’t got drugs, forget it.
    If your a nerd forget it.
    If you’re not gonna do it anyway FORGET IT.

    … so u get the picture.

  18. Gred D Says:

    ask a guy out first then a girl

  19. elkingdelsouth Says:

    damn thats easy if u wanna make out like u said then first look around for a girl that just wont take her eyes off you and if you do find one go up to her and find a reason to talk with her tell her sumthing nice and before asking for her # and stuff tell ehr that shes beautiful and then ask for her number if u wanna make out thats a different story then you have to also follow almost the same steps but always try and give her a signal that you wanna kiss her then sometimes depending on the girl shell kiss you. but deffinetley a car would seriously increase your chances of picking up girls. trust me im 15 and when i was 14 i used to do all that stuff but when i got a car girls started to notice me more and seriously if u get a car get one with a comfortable back seat if u know what i mean

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