Agree Or Disagree, Re: Older Men, Younger Women?

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When an older man dates a younger woman, it’s a disturbing reminder that the double standard about male and female aging persists in our society. These men obviously can’t have much to discuss with these women, so it’s obviously just a pathetic attempt to recapture their lost youth and overcoming their fear loss of virility. And they seek out women younger than themselves because they are incapable of a mutually respectful relationship between two equals, preferring instead someone with less life experience whom they hope to dominate and exploit. In short, they’re just dirty old men.
Agree or disagree?

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11 Responses to “Agree Or Disagree, Re: Older Men, Younger Women?”

  1. mark Says:

    sounds like you are jealous of your younger female counter parts…however its not clear by your name that you are female or male and I really cant be stuffed checking your profile so if you are male, then I would think that you are annoyed at “old men” taking the girls you want.
    REALITY IS that wome perceive men that are OLDER than them to be BETTER than men of their own age group – especially if the woman is between teens and up to thirty.
    Due to the age difference, there is a perceived level of LIFE EXPERIENCE which women see as attractive. They feel that these men can therefore protect them better, love them more and understand them more BECAUSE of this experience.
    You havent even detailed what is “old”.
    Is a 26 year old man dating a 22 y/o woman a “dirty old man”?
    Be qualitative.
    This question WREAKS of internal issues.

  2. roll ova rova Says:

    I think most men just like to have ‘arm candy’ no matter how old they get; however, there are men who don’t care how old a woman is if they have a lot in common. I’m a young 73, and my sweetie is not sixty yet–this is the best relationship I have ever had, and wonders of wonders, since I’ve
    been with him, I notice men of my own age noticing me, too. It’s all n presentation and self-confidence and a youthful attitude!

  3. J D Says:

    Or he just met a younger woman and they sincerely hit it off. I don’t know what kind of bonds/relationships other people have, and I avoid passing judgement on things I am ignorant of.

  4. Aunt Joanie Says:

    I don’t think anyone cares much anymore. Those types of couples are the most believable cause both parties know where they stand. Very honest. If the young one loses his/her looks and virility, it’s over. If the older one goes broke, it’s over. I’d probably like that sort of relationship, cause at least then I’d know exactly what to do to keep her happy….lol

  5. congenia Says:

    Of course, there IS the occasional instance in which the woman is very smart and mature for her age, and the two never run out of things to discuss.

  6. Rio Madeira Says:

    disagree. i am dating an older man and our relationship is just as good as a relationship between two people of the same age, if anything, it’s better. been with him for 3 years.

  7. Rookie Says:

    No older men dare younger woman for attractiveness. Younger woman date older men for money. lol

  8. Larry Says:

    aren’t you the same person who just wrote how we should embrace and encourage older women and younger men? seems to me like someones got an agenda. disagree.

  9. cool breeze Says:

    Sure. The same goes for older women and younger men. Women can be gross and perverted too, goddamn it.

  10. RAPTASTI Says:

    Age is an attitude, not a number.

  11. Mabel B Says:

    It depends on the age difference. I have an uncle of sorts (dad’s 1st cousin) who is married to a woman almost 20 years younger than him, but he looks 15 years younger than his actual age and is very energetic and healthy. When you look at him and his wife, you don’t see a 20 year age difference, maybe 10. I’ll admit that most couples I’ve known or heard about with age differences like that come from ethnic backgrounds where it is normal for a teenage girl to be married off to a 30-something year old man.
    I think a less dramatic age difference between men and women (men being older), makes sense for a lot of people. It’s a generalization to say that men mature later than women do, but in my experience it is true 80% of the time. The cruel truth is that if a woman waits until she is in her mid/late 30s to get into a serious relationship, have a family, etc, a LOT of men her age will want someone younger than her. If they can get someone younger why go for older? I notice that women have more options/more control over men in their 20s, but the tables start to turn in their 30s.

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