ADS Adult

ADS Adult

Ads Adult is a concept of locating other adults for fast and non committal sex. Or casual sex if you will. More and more people are typing “ads adult” into search engines in desperate search for just that: sex. Adult dating sites have been fast to cater to these horny folks in such a way that the adult dating industry has become a multi billion dollar industry.

Indeed, adult ads have evolved into a mad video induced orgy that can sometimes transcended mere dating. The ads adult revolution has instead focused on getting what one wants (sex) NOW, not after chatting or dating. This, in essence, is what separates ads adult from typical dating personals. In other words, you are not going to find these true adult ads at Yahoo personals!

This casual sex fest is the sole domain of the top adult dating sites, such as my favorite: Adult Friend Finder.

So why do people type the phrase with the word “ads” before “adult”? I asked some members of Adult Friend Finder and here is what I learned. It seems this is almost a “code” that members who want sex FAST use to meet other like minded adults. This way all concerned know that thee will be no bullshit like going to diner first; just get together for casual sex. Either one on one, threesomes (usually tow women, one man but variations are not uncommon) and even full blown orgies.

Indeed, sex parties, aka the orgy, are making a comeback the likes of which even the 70’s could not match. “Sex party” seems to be the preferred terminology nowadays, but whatever you call it, they are happening in cities across the US and even the world (Adult Friend Finder can be found in almost any country, in all languages).

So the next time the mood strikes, simply type in “ads adult” into your nearby friendly search engine. Or better yet, go to the SOURCE and get laid tonight!


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