A unique way to meet a woman at a bookstore!

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Use this ice-breaker to meet a woman at a bookstore and you surely will come across as a guy who is different and more interesting than most guys she has ever met. pick up tips, pickup, player, meet hot sexy women, sex, girls, singles, date, first date tips, flirting, seduction, eye contact issues, rejection, body language, confidence, self-esteem, insecurity, shy, shyness.

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25 Responses to “A unique way to meet a woman at a bookstore!”

  1. dhaddox Says:

    I tried this but it didn’t work. I used the line on a beautiful lady at the bookstore, then we got to talking and I took her out to dinner that night. We began dating and fell in love. Then six months later she died of pneumonia. Thanks for nothing!

  2. Paracetamoljunkie Says:

    Why would you be reading out loud in the first place? She’ll just think youre a little crazy and move away most probably lol.

  3. DarsowGolf Says:

    oooo i don’t know about this one

  4. TommyVercetti08 Says:

    wow u had me goin, that is quite a question , i thought that might not work, but now that i think about it it would work, if she listens she will want to comment.

  5. ReturnOfJackDawson Says:

    that’s too cheesy for me.

  6. robhartjr123 Says:

    40 year old virgin bookstore scene…hilarious lol

  7. libetta Says:

    this should be very helpful to me when i go back to the bookstore this saturday. last week i got really attracted to a much younger girl, something about her even though she’s far from being the most beautiful you’ve seen but who cares! i’m approaching her and will get her number

  8. AxiomaticObserver Says:

    🙂 that was sweet.

  9. ratzskinakie Says:

    Seemed cheesy the way you did it, but I will still try it if the oppurtunity comes up, i’m sure it would work too LOL. Either way, thanks for your different ideas.

  10. mosgba Says:

    arkady u got every thing lol thnak u

  11. ericwaffle31 Says:

    good tip. but if you want future tips – just order my product = he gets money, you lose money

  12. blinkypushbuttons Says:

    it’s not that unique of a pickup spot, but it’s usually older guys who try the bookstore. i wouldn’t expect it from a young guy so maybe itd work.

  13. Shrubbs Says:

    Find a really interesting/crazy video, laugh out loud and tell her “you gotta see this”

    just casually, without expecting anything…it will lead to small talk and conversation

  14. Shrubbs Says:

    That would probably work

  15. gabsylv Says:


  16. arkady39 Says:

    Smart women are attracted to and are interested in “smart” things, so … you have to make your own choice. Of course it will depend on your presentation and her mood at that very moment.

  17. Komaoala Says:

    Will it work if I use comic books like Garfield? It seems a little childish but that’s the only thing I read. I’m not a big fan of novels and I certainly hate books without pictures, but I do love smart women though.

  18. arkady39 Says:

    Thanks, it’s always good to have a woman’s perspective.

  19. josiegrossie456 Says:

    that would definately work on me!!!!

  20. gtaboi2345 Says:

    lol it really worked!!!

  21. arkady39 Says:

    Ok… I will make a video on that within the next few days. Make sure you are subscribed to my channel so that you are notified when I post that video.

  22. njikwa Says:

    I don’t really think it’s the same with a library because she is working on the computer while at a bookstore she is trying to get a book

  23. arkady39 Says:

    I think one of the best ways to do it is break the ice the same way as I suggest doing in the bookstore situation… have you seen that video?

  24. njikwa Says:

    Can you make a video on how to approach a girl at a library working on a computer for example and sitting by you?

  25. arkady39 Says:

    Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work.

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