Yaoi Silk & Poison Book Trailer

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dragonsdisciple.com Silk & Poison weaves the dark and seductive tales of Ume and Toshiro Itou, a Japanese mother and son who find themselves lured into the dangerous world of rival Chinese Tongs in 19th century California. Toshiro Itou is seduced into a world of dark passions and violent desires when he becomes apprentice to Dao Kan Shu, a fierce assassin in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Lessons are taught in blood, but the rewards surpass the most sensual of fantasies…for both men. As the line between student and teacher is blurred, the Poisoned Dragon himself discovers that seduction works two ways. A top ranking man in San Francisco’s Chinese underworld, Ren Yang knew better than to mix business with pleasure. But when a Japanese debtor repaid the feared crime lord with his lovely wife, Ume Itou. Ren discovers that Ume Itou, “The Tokyo Plum” is an addiction stronger than the opium sold on his streets. Caught between the underworld’s ruthless hierarchy and the unexpected desires of their hearts, they must endure tests neither anticipated. * * * Book 1 in the Dragon’s Disciple Trilogy Coming July 30 from http * * * “Silk And Poison is all about the antiheroes and amoral bitches having their time in the limelight and it’s fabulous.” ~Mrs. Giggles mrsgiggles.com