Loosing hope, am I worth it?

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I’m starting to loose hope that I’ll ever find someone else to love me or accept me. I mean I see guys who are better looking than me all the time and I think why would any girl in their right mind want to be with me when they could be with someone like them?

There isn’t anything special about me and I just don’t think I’m good enough for anybody. I mean I’m nice, compassionate, and try to help others but it seems like those things don’t really matter.

I’m also 23 so I think I’m getting to old and have probably missed my chances anyway so I guess I just have to learn to accept it.

I don’t understand though, because everyone that knows me and even some people I have classes with in college think I’m sweet and a really nice guy but that must be a bad thing because I am not with or have ever been with anyone; I’ve never even been kissed…ever.

They also tell me I’m good looking but I just don’t know how to believe it myself. I’m 6″3′, brown-green eyes, fast growing black hair, and olvie skin.

I guess I’m just confused and so many things are racing through my mind now. Any advice, please help if you can?