How to Create Sexual Tension with a Woman

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Sexual tension is one of the most interesting bests in the world of dating and attraction. Sexual tension is something that everyone wants to have with the person that they like, or with someone that they could like. Sexual tension can be fun and make things interesting as far as dating is concerned. Some people believe that sexual tension is not something that someone can necessarily “conjure up”. While it is true that some sexual tension is caused without an actual desire to, there are ways to increase the tension sexually with a woman.

Yes, Playing ‘Hard to Get’ Can Work

There are people all across the dating board who will tell you that playing hard to get is a great way to ruin any potential relationship. The truth is, however, that playing hard to get can actually get the results that you are looking for as far as sexual tension is considered. Sure, playing too-hard to get is an amazing way to ruin any chances at sexual tension you have. But by playing a little hard to get, you can make things happen. Do not call a girl back right away…but do not wait too long either. Having that middle balance will keep her guessing long enough to increase tension without giving her enough time to forget you.

Tease Her

No, do not make fun of her. That is a great way to ruin sexual tension, and to get slapped. Teasing brings playing hard to get to another level. By teasing, you are creating sexual tension. If you can tell that she wants to kiss you, make her wait. I’m not telling you to lean in until you are about to kiss and then leave; that would just be cruel. If you know she wants to kiss, lean a little closer, but do not go for the kiss.

Cockiness is a Fine Line

Cockiness can increase sexual attention in between people, but it must be done lightly. Too much cockiness can come across as horrible to some women, and can completely kill any sexual tension. By exuding enough confidence to create a small air of cockiness, however, you can make her want you. Confidence that borderlines on cockiness is amazing, but too much can hurt. Phrases like “I’m the hottest one in here” and be a put off, but a “Oh I see you looking at me” in a joking tone can go far.

Humor (done right) Always Works

Girls love to laugh. By making her laugh, you can increase sexual tension; women love men who can make them laugh. Do not go overboard, however; too many jokes, and too much humor can make you seem like you are trying too hard.

Sexual tension is important for multiple situations. If you are looking for a one night fling, quick sexual tension is a must. If you are looking for something long term, sexual tension can increase how much she wants you.