Top 5 Ways To Get Laid On The First Date

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Secrets to Getting Laid On The First Date

If you were one of the lucky ones who got to read my article 5 Techniques for Approaching Girls then you know that there is never just five ways of doing anything.

Truth be told, I know more than 5 ways to have sex in the missionary position let alone any other category. The beauty of lists like these here at Seduction Insider is that they are always there for you to reference in case of a dry spell.

No one can make women just appear for sex with the exception of buying a prostitute but there are sure fire point to pay attention too.

Getting laid on the first date is not every man’s dream believe it or not some guys really want to have a good time but no man will turn down sex on the first date that is for sure.

And I speak for most women when I say that “if you play your cards right then anything can happen”. Getting laid “from scratch” on the first date is rare but not unheard of. Personally, if I want to get laid on the first date my odds of this happening are if I am taking out someone I know a little bit already.

The “Booty Call” for the record is not a date. A date, simply put, is when you spend money and time on a female in hopes of romance but not expecting sex with the intention of asking her out again.

A booty call is when you don’t care what it takes to have sex with her but you are sure that you probably won’t ask her out again (for a while anyway) and the goal is only sex with little or no romance. Now that you know why “booty calls” did not make the list let’s get started.
1. Shoot the fish in the barrel

There is always someone out there more desperate than you. If you know a girl who wants you worse than the lottery and you have kept her at bay for a long time then give her a call. Call her during the day and tell her you want to hang out that same night.

Don’t tell her you are taking her out for food or drinks. Tell her you just want her to come over and “watch” a movie, of course you would rather “make” a movie. If she wanted you bad before this then all you have to do is take her for a cup of coffee in public and she will screw your brains out.
2. Old flames never die

…newer flames merely burn brighter. Nothing says good sex like good chemistry. If you have an old flame that you are still friends with that you know would “throw it down” with you then why not call them and remind both of you why you two were together in the first place.

Tell her you don’t want “REKINDLE” rather but you want to “RELIVE” a date you two had. Say, “Let’s live in the past for 24 hours” and then take her to where you two first had a date and then back to your place for a night cap.
3. Have a few non-dates first

I am the KING of the non-date. The non-date creates the “warm lead”. Some girls are savvy and will ask me after the third one if it is a “date” or not. If we have not had sex yet and I don’t think we ever will I continue to say “no it is not a date”.

But if I have had a couple of “outings” for coffee or whatever and I want to push her over the fence I will call her and say, “no more fooling around – lets get crazy and go dancing and get drunk at my place”. Now she knows the next time you two will have coffee is the following morning.
4. The Paid Endorsement

As mentioned in 5 ways of approaching women there is nothing stronger than the paid endorsement. If you have a friend or ex who has referred you or tried to set you up then you know that you are in like Flynn.

My sister has gotten me laid more times than I can count by telling girls, “This is my brother, he is so much fun you two should get along great”. Thanks sissy.
5. The Booty Call

Okay so I said that a booty call does not count as a date. Here is the exception to the rule! If you spend money on a female AFTER she has had sex with you then that my brothers is a date!

So call her with the invitation to come over for some fun foreplay and then tell her that when you two wake up you will go for a bike ride in San Diego. Works every time! Think about the 5 ways I just wrote. I bet most of you have peripheral females in your life that are just sitting on the cusp of going to bed with you and you don’t marry them or spend a fortune. Dating is expensive and tiresome if you don’t plan correctly. I know whether a date was a success or not the moment the girl leaves.

That could be my car, the restaurant or even my house. I know how I feel inside in that very moment if the money was well spent. If I spent 1 hour and was not happy then that cost me more than if I spent $200 in a half hour and was very happy.

Sex is not always the goal for me and most people though it can be a fun part of the evening if both people are on the same page.

Truth is always welcome among females and in fact they ask for it by name. If you are honest about what you want with women you might find that many of them want the same thing.