How to meet Asian Women

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Open your eyes man Women are everywhere! Anytime that you come into contact with them is an opportunity never miss a chance to take the piss out of hot women, I mean never. Store, planes, waiting outside a bathroom it just doesn’t matter, the more unexpected the place the better.

Just like everything else practice makes perfect. So start practicing, the fun thing is that just like baseball you are going to get lucky and hit it out of the park a few times before you really get your swing down, and just like at the bating cage the more balls that you swing at the more you are going to hit. A great way to work on your moves is with online dating You got nothing to lose. women that respond to your ad are saying come and get me. If you take them out and you don’t get laid so what all it cost you was a couple of emails be an actor and try these secrets they really work in the wild.

Most guys are afraid of getting turned down and women can sense this so if you are getting more than you can handle then it will not matter if one turns you down lets face it not all women are looking for men all the time so if you do get turned down so what When I was in sales I would get turned down allot everyday but I knew that every time that I got turned down that I was that much closer to a Yes.

Case 1 I saw that a hot hawaiian Babe was having a bad day in the produce section of the grocery store I went up to her and said you look like you could use a hug and she immediately raps her arms around me and gave me a anaconda like hug with her very nice rack between us. Turns out she was having a bad day and I was exactly the distraction she was looking for.

After I pried her off me I said I can let you come to the beach with me tomorrow. She immediately said yes. Well we played in the surf all day, and then on the way home I noticed that she had her very fine breasts exposed sun tanning on the back of my motorcycle as i am driving home. I said are you more horny or hungry she said horny so in less than 24 hours I was having some very wild sex with a very fine Hawaiian lady.

Case 2 .Steve I am riding my motorcycle and a chick at a stop light says nice bike I say I got room for one and slap the seat hard with my hand she hops on so I drive around for about 15 minutes not saying a word I still don’t know her name I pull of the road and say well you rode the bike how would you like to ride the driver? she says only if I get tops! bingo and bango off to do the two back nasty we go. How many times have you had opportunities like that and didn’t act on them, To many I bet!

Case 3 Tom I meet this hottie at work So I tell this red headed large breasted bed thresher that I plan to eat at my “secret restaurant” tonight and I think that I can squeeze her in. on the way home after taking the piss out of her for the whole night at the restaurant cracking jokes left and right I say you want to see my private beach She says OK! so we are walking down this narrow dark path I grab her hand to lead her (broke the physical barrier again) and we get down to the beach she says wow this is great you don’t find many places like this I say ya its a great place to skinny dip and take my clothes of and walk into the water. No begging, no asking, no pleading, I didn’t say a word and within two minutes she is in the water buck ass naked with me. Push comes to shove and you can guess what we are up to I am thinking that she is going to drown me as she is on top and going for it hard I mean I could a have made a fortune if I could have recorded it it was so hot So I have this toe curling explosion and I say wow that was really good she says “I glad, it was the first time for me in 8 years, I’m a lesbian!” Good thing I didn’t ask!

Case 4 I run into a old friend and we go for coffee it ends up that I have have this book that she is interested in Now I have know this lady for 3 years so we go to my place and i give her the book and she says what do you want for it and I say a kiss and immediately grab her hand and pull her lightly towards me no resistance so I go for a french kiss and the tit grab which she doesn’t stop so i maneuver her towards my bedroom we get naked and root like a couple of wild monkeys afterwards I say we should have done this before she yes we should of why didn’t you ever go for it before. Great question cause this was a great lay and I could have been getting it allot sooner.

Here’s the secret

meet them there is no reason to wait until you get to Asia to try this stuff out ULust Yes ULust and if you are into to the really wild stuff which has the ladies that have particular needs that are not getting met has put many horney women into a barrel for you to shoot at here is the deal there is no pretending what this is about it is about getting laid and the women that have their personals on there want to get laid they want Wild no holds barred sex.

entertain them This is simple women like to laugh so look for things that will offer lots of opportunities for laughing and look for things where you can take the piss out of them allot remember that they want you to be there protector

break the physical barrier When you were in grade school it was a tough one and it continued into high school and we finally start to get over it finally when we are in our 30s it seems like we finally get comfortable with our parts so we are trained to protect our space but once the space has been broken it is easy to go to new places and you want to be heading for the erogenous zones as quickly as you can. I always find a way to touch a women as soon as possible.

ask them like the physical barrier this is a tough one but I have asked a few guys on this and they all agree that if you ask they will say yes more times than you would think possible

What we did was figure out that you have to get inside the physical barrier as fast as possible this can be real tough here in Asia but i would do this way by saying you look like you have some real positive energy tonight can I see your hand? they will always give you the right but refuse it and ask for the left so that you can see if they are married take their hand and place your index finger along the part of the hand where the fingers attach and say something like you got good energy we should do something and not waste it or you energy is real low were you out getting laid last night! Be dangerous and unpredictable!

so you have broken the physical barrier the next thing is letting them know that you are serious about getting laid brush their hair and then give them a kiss at the same time take your hand and stick it on their breast now everyone would think and I know that we certainly did that you would be getting slapped right and left on a regular basis but of the hundreds of times that we have used it we were not been slapped once! some times they will brush it off and some will say to slow down,but allot of them will leave it there and if they do, you my friend you are going to get laid unless you do something seriously stupid.
I guarantee you do the above and you ask 10 Asian Women to do you and you will get laid!

So you can’t come to Asia today to tap the fountain of youth what can you do right now well you can get online and go to ULust here’s the deal the women that are on ULust are just as horny as you are and by advertising on ULust they haven’t given up Every time that I have meet a girl on line and then met them in person I have got laid ed and most of the time on the first date. There is no real secret other than showing up and don’t talk about your ex and let on that you get laid all the time but that you are looking for something special.

Some other secrets to keep in mind when you are in the game

Asian Women treasure family above all else always so you must always remember this. If you get a invite to the family home this is a good or a bad sign depending on what you see as the development of the relationship.

Dating Asian Women can be much simpler than dating Sexy Western Women. No Money No Honey as they say is the rule of thumb which is of course the same if you are in the west the sexy asian girls are not going to be hanging out long with the Cheap Charlies if you are in a area where there are a lot of western men Dating Asian Women.

Where to Find Sexy Asian Babes. Try looking in the mall, or even better try looking in the places where they go with the clothes that they bought at the mall now your thinking!

Master Secrets to keeping Asian Women Happy?

Asian Women really respond to jeweler stores and the promise of a trip the next day (a promise that you better keep!) beats the hell out of any aphrodisiac ever invented for women and if you are out looking for a date a pretty good indicator of the satisfaction that previous men have had with the girl is the amount and the quality of the baubles that the girl has adorning her. This is as true here as it is in the West.