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The ability to get laid is to use the right adult dating site. Question is, are you getting laid with a new sex partner every time the desire arises?

From the hammock on beautiful Clearwater Beach, Florida:

My name is Dr. Krystal Anderson. I specialize in helping both men and women find sex partners at Adult Friend Finder, and get laid without the hassles normally associated with this “mating ritual”. The question is, Do YOU want to get laid and find a new sex partner every time the desire “arises”?

“Adult FriendFinder is ‘The’ Best Adult Dating Site on the Internet, easy to pick up chicks and get laid fast. No question about it. Thanks again Dr. Anderson for setting me straight on this! Your advice got me laid the first night I was a member. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!”

– Dave, Tampa, FL

The ability to get laid is paramount to the dating site being used. This is why I only recommend Adult Friend Finder. The fact of the matter is, most dating sites are NOT geared toward getting laid or finding a sex partner, they are primarily used by people who really do not know what they want, and typically will end up chatting with other members and getting their troubles off their chest.

To really get laid by using an online dating service, you must bypass all the worthless “dating sites” and go to the “source”. I have been in the “get laid” business for over a decade, and have not only tried the various dating services available, but have promoted some as well as an affiliate. To be honest, a man has more of a chance to get laid by walking his dog around a lake than using a typical dating site if you are not honest about your desires.

How To Get Laid Tonight?

Adult Friend Finder is the secret to finding sex partners online. This is the proven online resource for getting laid fast.

get laid

“Thank You Krystal, your advice on getting laid at Adult Friend Finder helped me find a hot babe that has sex with me every day.”

– Jacob, NYC

However, there are some niches WITHIN the dating industry that do attract a more serious sex minded clientele. But what is most important is to have the ADULT dating frame of mind! Of course, “adults” are the target of any dating site, but what I am talking about is a mindset of actually getting laid as opposed to just chatting about it.

To get laid online, so to speak, you must stop using the standard dating site routine and switch over to Adult Friend Finder (adult dating website). It is simply that easy. By signing up with Adult Friend Finder, with the correct frame of mind, you increase, by my estimates, your chance to get laid by more than 10 fold. The women, especially, who join an adult dating service and see your profile understand that you will want sex with them NOW, and not a bunch of internet chat.

So it is this “get laid” mindset that sets adult dating apart from its wimpy counterpart online. In fact, many men are pleasantly surprised to find that many attractive young woman post nude and sexually provocative pictures online within their adult dating profile. Furthermore, “webcam sex” is a popular attraction at adult dating sites, and has even developed into a niche within the adult dating circles. But I am here to help you actually get laid, not just “watch”. I mean, that IS why you are reading this right?

“Dr. Anderson, you rock! I get laid so much now, I still can’t believe it. I practically have women lined up to have sex with me! I love you and hope we can meet “face to face” someday!!!”

– Henry, Tyler, TX

So which adult dating site should you use to get laid then? Well, to be honest, there are a few that will get the job done for you.

I am not going to insult your intelligence by saying that only one can do it, but I will suggest that if you are serious about actually getting laid, then you should definitely use the more popular ones. Of course, Adult Friend Finder is the biggest and has the most male and FEMALE members, so that is a great starting point. As a matter of fact, I think of Adult Friend Finder as a sort of “secret source” for getting laid. You’ll see what I mean when you get there.

The Secret To Getting Laid?

Here is some advice, however. Actually, this is THE SECRET to getting laid at Adult Dating sites like Adult FriendFinder. Don’t do what most men do and just put up a profile at the dating site and do nothing. Believe it or not, most men do this and then get disappointed that women are not contacting THEM for sex!

Get real if you want to get laid my friend. A man with average looks will have to actively PURSUE women at adult dating sites if they want to find a sex partner. This is not a hard task! The site itself makes it very easy.

Women are SICK and TIRED of men who act like de-sexualized mutants who do not know what they want. Be a real MAN and tell women you are there to get laid and you will stand out among the wimps. You will be successful. You will get laid; that I can promise.
So stop with all the research my horny friend, start taking ACTION, and Get Laid Tonight!

Here Is The Secret To Get Laid


Adult Friend Finder is the secret to finding sex partners online. This is the proven online resource for getting laid fast.

getting laid

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